A great selection of colors to match your shop’s personality and image. New SE-G1 colorful cash registers support creative shop design.

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The SE-S10 smart cash register combines convenience in setup and day-to-day operation, suits any retail environment.

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Casio SE-S100 use color to provide a more refined shopping experience, a stylish addition to your store decor.

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Multiple functions for effective operation, and stylish design. A new line of cash registers that helps boots your business.

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The SE-C450 electronic cash register provides intelligent functions to offer enhanced flexibility in everyday operation.

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The SE-S3000 electronic cash register features 30/60 commodity group keys, a 2-strip printing unit and a subsequent receipt function.

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SE-C3500 payment system impresses with its elegant design. The operator-friendly keypad enables easy data input in your store.

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A cash register with three line LCD display and high speed thermal printing for all retail environments and store.

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A cash register with three line LCD display and fully-flat keyboard for all hospitality settings. Twin thermal printers for receipt and journal.

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