SQL Business Suite lies a robust Client-Server architecture that allows it to deliver significant advantages in flexibility, reliability, performance and stability. Self-tuning features include cost-based query optimization and dynamic re-balancing of report structures enhance performance and provides a wide range of business reports.


for Standalone or Client (Workstation) PC

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above (recommended with 64 bits windows).
  • SVGA – minimum of 16 bis colors recommended.
  • Intel i5 and above computer.
  • 4 GB of RAM (recommended 8 GB and above).
  • 10 GB of available hard disk space.
  • Microsoft Windows Compatible Printer.

for Server PC

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and above (recommended with 64 bits windows).
  • SVGA – minimum of 16 bis colors recommended.
  • Intel i5, i7 and above computer.
  • 8 GB of RAM (recommended 12 GB and above).
  • 10 GB of available hard disk space (recommended use the Solid-State Drive (SSD) Disk).
  • Microsoft Windows Compatible Printer.
  • 100 Base-T NIC.


No Year-End or Month-End processing

Transaction is not bound by accounting period. You can input transaction of any date and system will post to the period. SQL Accounting also allow user to set accounting period limit to avoid input errors which will affect the financial reports. Partial Delivery

Allow partial delivery in D/O, also able to skip process like from S/O direct to Invoice. Serial Number Tracking

Allow input Serial Number in transaction and print out on Invoice. Tracking Serial Number conflict. Multi-UOM

Supports unlimited UOM for Items. Can use different UOM for Sales, Purchases and Reporting purpose.

GST Compliant (Certified by Jabatan Kastam Diraja Malaysia)

  • Generate GST Return File (GST03)
  • Generate GST Audit File (GAF) in text format
  • Supply and Purchase Listing – Bad Debt Relief/Recovery Listing
  • Calculating De Minimis Rules and Residual input Tax Recovery Rate


Getting things done more

Explore the amazing features that make SQL Account one the best software for business. Work more efficiently with true real-time posting and seamlessly integrated modules. Store virtually unlimited years of business data for better decision-base analysis with Open Period solution.

Generate professional grade business reports with dynamic re-balancing of report structure and self-tuning query optimization. Enjoy scalable cost effective deployment, increased system performance and ease of maintenance powered by a robust client-server architecture.

Your software should be as flexible as your business

The SQL Account software can be customized to make your work even more simpler, efficient and overall more productive.

Create new forms with custom SQL Account DIY fields and built-in visual components in an easy drag and drop interface. Enhance business logic with flexible SQL Account DIY script module to suite your business. Create, save, and edit custom reports that present the information you want to see and designed in the way you want to see it.

All customization can be easily deployed to all employees anywhere, anytime with SQL Account Control Center and SQL Account Report Designer.

Safe and secure

Keep your data accurate and consistent with PSQL (Procedural SQL) working behind. Safeguard your data by setting authentications for your employees. Backup your data anytime without needing to shut down. You can now continue working while a backup runs, allowing 24×7 operation.

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