Description :
Without software or computer can automatically store the attendance record ,
and summary into the attendance record and late arrival statistics,
and a variety of statistics can be output to the U disk with excel format at the same time,
convenient query and editing on the computer to print.

Features : 
Super capacity, can store 100000 records.
Attendance machine also can be directly help you scheduling, can be set up to 10.
Fingerprint verification has corresponding voice prompt success or failure,
at the same time, the screen prompt words.
With repeated confirmation time remind function.
Can be directly set personnel information on the attendance machine,
without using computer, saving cost greatly.
Only after the success of the fingerprint verification of the administrator,
can enter the fingerprint machine Settings menu,
ordinary users can’t enter the menu operation, ensure the safety of data.

 Specifications :

Display 2.4 “color screen
Contrast way support 1: N (fingerprint) , 1:1 (password)
Keyboard T9 input method
Voice Chinese
Attendance fingerprint, password
Fingerprint capacity 600
Record capacity 100000
Languages Chinese and English
Size 167 x117x31mm
Working current 450 mA
Working temperature 0 ℃ to 60 ℃
Working humidity 20% to 80%
Work style offline
Effective gathering area 16 x16 mm
Fingerprint image resolution 500 dpi
Attendance rate < 0.6 seconds
FAR < 0.0001%
FRR < 0.01%